Kardex Remstar Megamat® RS:

The best of two worlds: the combination of progress and tradition in storage technology.

The Kardex Remstar Megamat RS is an automated vertical carousel based on the "goods to person" concept – perfectly suited for stored goods with a high access frequency.


New research and development results and increasing requirements for resource and environmental protection are systematically converted into marketable solutions for our customers. Kardex Remstar harnesses its expertise and experience to produce systems that help you make advances in your markets, such as the Megamat system which has been a proven product for many years. We have continuously developed it using the latest production and design technologies and included environmental protection and energy-saving aspects. The result: the Megamat RS Vertical Carousel.


The Megamat RS meets obligations for the conscious use of resources during its entire life cycle with regard to costs and environmental responsibility. In fact, this starts in production. By improving the static design, we have succeeded in significantly reducing the amount of material used. Compared with the previous version we have achieved weight reductions of up to 50 percent on various components.


Kardex Remstar has introduced a strict environmental management system throughout the entire production process. In the past few years, a high-efficiency energy management system has been created and integrated into all production and supply processes.  


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The KARDEX MEGAMAT RS is an automated vertical carousel using the paternoster principle.

Maximize Warehouse Capacity

The Megamat RS is a high density storage system with the greatest possible warehouse capacity. Each Megamat can be used as a stand alone solution or can be extended as a networked solution as required. The modular structure allows for maximum investment security and future adaptability.

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