With ASRS, HCL Logistics Creates a Winning Strategy

With ASRS, HCL Logistics Creates a Winning Strategy

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21 Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Modules increase efficiencies and scale up to meet its customers' needs.

Since inception more than eight years ago, HCL Logistics has been providing warehousing, transportation, and just-in-time delivery to defense contractors. Handling about 26,000 SKUs including everything from tiny washers to 20-foot-long steel sheets to complete engines, they supply key components their customers use to manufacture land-based military vehicles used by Canadian and allied forces around the world.

Like many growing companies, HCL Logistics reached a point where the existing warehouse could no longer sustain their growth. "We had one major customer in the defense industry we service, and we had recently won a larger contract," says Tim Van Holst, president. "We were using conventional racking systems in our warehouse, and knew that new equipment like narrow-aisle racking and vertical lift modules would help us get to the 'next level' with our customers."

Project Requirements:

  • Reduce Number of Forklifts on Warehouse Floor
  • Improve Picking Accuracy
  • Maximize Current Warehouse Space
  • Create More Streamlined Process


  • 21 Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Modules
  • Power Pick Global Inventory Management Software
  • Batch Picking


  • 15% Efficiency Improvement
  • 99.5% Inventory Accuracy
  • Improved Ergonomics
  • VLMs Occupy only Square Feet of Floor Space 

"We didn't want our operators looking through 120 different bins to try and figure out where to put something," says Van Holst. "Even though we're dealing with what can be complex, state-of-the-art AS/RS technology, when it comes to the setup and binning, we kept it as simple as possible and it has paid off for us."