Randolph Air Force - Base Lektriever's Increase Capacity by 42% While Improving Productivity and Security

Randolph Air Force - Base Lektriever's Increase Capacity by 42% While Improving Productivity and Security

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The Kardex Remstar Lektriever system consists of a series of vertically arranged rotating carriers or shelf levels.

Application: Medical Records Storage and Retrieval

15 Lektriever Vertical Carousel

Summary: Fifteen Lektrievers replaced metal shelves throughout the facility, increasing records storage capacity while improving efficiency.

Managing records for a modern military facility is a critical process, requiring fast and accurate access to a variety of stored medical information.

At Randolph Air Force Base, near San Antonio, Texas, the 12th Medical Group provides comprehensive medical and dental care, aerospace physiology training, disaster response relief, health promotion, and occupational public health support to the 12th Flying Training Wing and associate units, plus medical support for a beneficiary population of more than 40,000.

In order to help improve the overall efficiency and security of the medical records storage and retrieval operation, the 12th Medical Group replaced metal shelving with 15 Lektriever Electric Lateral File (ELF) systems from Kardex Remstar in the Primary Care Clinic, Pediatric Clinic and Flight Medicine Area.

The Kardex Remstar Lektriever system consists of a series of vertically arranged rotating carriers or shelf levels.

By utilizing unused overhead space, it can hold the same number of files as traditional five drawer filing cabinets or lateral files in less space. The Kardex Remstar Lektriever units at the 12th Medical Group are each controlled by an electronic keypad and are configured to store side tab letter files.

Performance — Finding Room to Grow
The Primary Care Clinic stores roughly 33,000 records for active duty personnel, retirees, and their dependents requiring medical staff to access about 250 records per day. Searching for each record was time consuming and required personnel to reach and bend to retrieve them.

“We had maxed out the existing records storage space and needed room to grow,” said Technical Sergeant Thomas McLachlan. By replacing traditional shelving with ten, 13-carrier Lektriever units, the Clinic records storage capacity increased by more than 2,200 linear filing inches (LFI).

Ergonomics & Productivity
The Pediatric Clinic at Randolph AFB had also run out of room to store its 7,500 active records. Three 15-carrier Lektriever units reduced the amount of floor space required for records storage, while increasing records storage capacity up to 4,140 LFI. The units also improved the efficiency of records storage and retrieval by improving the ergonomics of the operation.

“Using the shelving system, I spent too much of the day squatting down or on my toes reaching for records,” said Staff Sergeant LaQuaya Jackson-Cornet.

The Lektriever delivers files to an ergonomically positioned shelf for easy retrieval and storage. This positioning not only reduces the amount of bending and stretching required to retrieve records, it also reduces the amount of time personnel spend walking aisles searching for a file location. This reduction in travel time can significantly improve records storage and retrieval efficiency. Because personnel don’t have to spend time manually retrieving files, productivity can often double. The enclosed design also creates controlled access to records, resulting in improved security.

To conserve valuable floor space, the Lektriever systems in the Pediatric Clinic are equipped with folding posting boards which can be stored out of the way when not in use.

42% More Space & Good Looks, Too

Up to 200 records are retrieved and re-filed daily in the Flight Medicine Area. The area stores about 3,000 records for Air Force pilots and their families. With two Lektriever units, one 13-carrier unit and one 10-carrier unit, the Flight Medicine Area, increased their records storage capacity by 42%.

“We were simply running out of space,” said Senior Airman Elizabeth Nava. “Every week we had to shuffle the records down to try to find more storage space. By converting 1,600 LFI to 2,263 LFI, the Lektriever systems provided the additional space we needed, plus they helped us update the look of the floor.”

By replacing metal shelving with Lektriever systems, the 12th Medical Group at Randolph AFB significantly increased storage space and the security of the medical records. The ergonomic design of the systems has improved the overall efficiency of records storage and retrieval operations while increasing the productivity and comfort level of clinic personnel.