Kubota - Canada Fulfills Parts Promise To Customers Keeping Parts Available for 20+ Years

Kubota’s parts center utilizes a pick and pass strategy with three picking zones

With an industry leading reputation for groundbreaking tractor and utility vehicles Kubota’s parts promise is what keeps customers coming back. With 20+ years of legacy parts and additional inventory for new models introduced every year the parts inventory at Kubota’s 60,000 square foot part center in Markham, Ontario has steadily grown to over 78,000 SKUs.


Kubota’s parts center utilizes a pick and pass strategy with three picking zones. Six horizontal carousels from Kardex Remstar manage the fast moving SKUs;  four Shuttle VLMs from Kardex Remstar house the medium moving SKUs and the slower moving SKUs are stored in hi bay shelving.



“Our parts promise to our customers presents a challenge as we have to inventory quite a few parts that are only picked once a year. But when a customer needs it, we have to be able to supply it,” says Doug Ward, Logistics Manager, “and the system we have in place allows us to do just that.”

Project Requirements:

  • Increase Productivity without Adding Labor
  • Increase Capacity
  • Improve Ergonomics


  • Six Horizontal Carousels
  • Four Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Modules
  • Pick to Light Technology


  • Doubled Productivity
  • Recovered 83% Floor Space
  • Improved Order Picking Strategy

“With the automation and process changes we’ve implemented, we’ve been able to manage 70% growth in the past 12 years with minimal increases to our labor force.” said Ward. “With inventory growing every year, the automated picking system we have in place has the capacity to sustain our growth for the next 5 – 8 years.”