Diversco Supply Expands Vertically with Shuttle VLMs

Diversco Supply uses automated storage and retrieval systems to expand inventory, recovering 92% floor space and increasing order fulfillment productivity by 460%

Diversco Supply is nothing less than a Canadian success story. Founded in 1986, they quickly became a leading equipment wholesaler in the gas industry; eventually evolving into watersports equipment and supplies.

The largest of six warehouses throughout Canada, located in Cambridge, Ontario, inventories and distributes parts and supplies. Managing a combination of smaller parts (valves, regulators, hoses, snorkels, fins, etc.) and large parts (kayaks, paddle boards, etc.) added another layer of complexity to the fulfilment process. As the 52,000 square foot warehouse quickly running out of space, Diversco set their sights vertically.

“With a 40 foot ceiling, adding more rack didn’t make sense,” said James Huddle, purchasing and operations manager, “it was more economical to go up than out.”

Project Requirements:

  • Increase storage capacity
  • Reduce storage space
  • Increase picking productivity


  • Three, 32' tall Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Modules
  • Power Pick Global Inventory Management Software
  • Transaction Information Center
  • Laser Pointer


  • 92% floor space savings
  • 460% increase in productivity 
  • Added 84% more large item inventory

“It was a complete transformation from a manual picking environment of walking and searching to a semi-automated process,” said Huddle, “The compact storage, time savings and ease of use completely offset the cost of the system.”