A Believer in Automation, Vac-Con Needed to Clean Up

Six 40 foot tall Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Modules integrated with Power Pick Global inventory management software, pick to light technology and a 12 position batch station.

Vac-Con, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial trucks for sewer and drain cleaning. Serving both public and private sectors, Vac-Con has manufactured more than 7,777 custom-built trucks since 1986. Vac-Con employs over 300 people at their headquarter facility in Green Cove Springs, FL. In addition to their team, they work through a dealer network supporting customers both in North America and around the world. 

To manufacture one custom truck it takes on average 4,000 parts. Vac-Con usually begins one to two new truck builds per day - which is 8,000 parts per day needing to be pulled from inventory. With thousands and thousands of SKUs (stock keeping units) in inventory, Vac-Con was using one warehouse to store purchased parts and another for manufactured parts. These parts would travel separately to manufacturing be matched up for production. The space and cost required to manage these two separate inventories, and transport them to manufacturing when needed was draining efficiencies. 

With the current manufacturing facility at capacity and a new building design under way, Vac-Con seized the opportunity to consolidate purchased and manufactured parts inventory into one facility. Familiar with automation, this gave Vac-Con the chance to explore new storage technology. The new 29,200 square foot warehouse was built with 45' ceilings - plenty of space to take parts storage vertical. 


"The VLMs enabled us to bring all of the inventory parts into one central location," says Ian Beattie, Inventory Control Manager. "In order to maximize density, we went to the ceiling with the VLMs to use less floor space."

Project Requirements:

  • Consolidate Two Warehouses into One
  • Increase Capacity Due to Growing Demand
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Inventory Security


  • Six, 40' Tall Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Modules
  • Power Pick Global Inventory Management Software 
  • Pick to Light Technology
  • 12 Position Batch Station


  • Reduced Storage Space by 58%
  • Increased Capacity 
  • Increased Productivity 33%

"The increased security of having the parts inside the machine with limited access to operators has been an added benefit for us," says Beattie.