Shuttle XP - for short access times and more storage space


  • Folding table for manual full tray extraction
  • Automatic full tray extraction
  • Transport cart
  • Swivel arm for operator panel
  • TIC (Transaction Information Center)
  • Position Indicator with LEDs
  • Confirmation Bar
  • Up to six access openings per unit
  • Double access function
  • ESD version
  • Tray locking mechanism
  • Two piece shutter door
  • Tray stop in front of access opening


The trays can be configured to stock any item using totes, bins or containers. Partitions and  dividers can be used to create compartments for smaller items. Speciality holders are also available to organize tools, dies and fixtures. Picking times can be significantly reduced by simply configuring the tray for the stored goods.

Access Opening with Shutter Door

Each unit can have up to six access openings, providing access to stored goods on multiple floors. The VLM can also be equipped with dual access openings allowing access in the front and back of the machine. Each access opening has a shutter door providing safety for operators and stored goods.

Ergonomic Tray Delivery

Trays can be delivered to each worker at a perfered ergonomic height. Through the controller, trays can be set to be delivered at various heights based on user, providing true ergonomic access for everyone.

Safety Light Curtain

When the shutter doors open to deliver or retrieve a tray, the safety light curtain located along the front of the access opening is activated. If the safety light barrier is interrupted, all movement of the device is stopped immediately for operator safety.

Extractor Lift Motor/Drive

The extractor delivers the requested tray at speeds up to 7.5 ft/second. Both vertical and horizontal travel speeds can be adjusted to accomidate sensitive items.

Technical data

Unit dimensions

  • Width: 5.2 to 14.4 ft 

                 1.58 to 4.38 m

  • Depth:  7.6 to 14 ft

                  2.32 to 4.27 m

  • Height: 8.4 to 98.6 ft

                  2.56 to 30.05 m

Unit height pitch

  • 4 in steps (100 mm)

Performance data

  • Vertical speed adjustable up to 6.6 ft/s (2,0 m/s)
  • Storage/retrieval speed adjustable up to 7.5 ft/s (0,7 m/s)
  • Gross loading capacity max. 147,700/246,550 lbs (67/120 t)


  • Width: 4.1 to 13.3 ft (1.25 to 4.05 m)
  • Depth: 2 to 2.8 ft (0.60 to 0.85 m)
  • Adjustment pitch 1 in (25 mm)
  • Tray pitch 3 in (75 mm)
  • Payload up to 1,598 lbs (725 kg)


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