for even greater efficiency in the warehouse

The Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP is extremely flexible thanks to various options that can be integrated either before or after installation. The series features a wide range of optionally available components. As such, the Shuttle XP can be individually adapted to meet the most diverse requirements and configured so that it always conforms precisely to the requisite parameters in the warehouse.


Besides bar code scanning devices and pick-to-light technology, the range of options includes driverless transport systems and conveying equipment, RFID technology, individual software solutions, and much more besides.

Installation outside buildings

Installation outside buildings to increase existing capacity

The Shuttle XP units from Kardex Remstar can also be installed outside buildings in order to increase existing capacity. In this case, the goods are accessed via a special opening created in the wall.

Manual/automatic tray extraction device

tray extraction to improve the handling of heavy and bulky goods

The tray extraction device was designed to improve the handling of heavy and bulky goods that are moved with the aid of a lifting device. With the tray extraction device, a tray is placed in front of the access opening for loading and unloading purposes. This can then be loaded onto an optional transport cart for safe and easy handling.

Installation over several floors

Expand storage space by installation over several floors

Vertical lift modules can extend over several floors with up to six access openings positioned anywhere on the front or rear side of the unit. Mezzanine floors can be installed to enable operation on several levels at the same time – for instance, loading on one side and retrieval on the other.

Double-access handling

Double-access handling

Thanks to the double-access handling option it is possible to work on two levels in the access opening. A tray is transported to the first working level in the access opening and the shutter door closed. While the operator is storing or removing items, the next tray is being retrieved and kept in a waiting position behind the access opening.



Kardex Remstar supplies various integrated pick-to-light solutions to increase productivity, throughput, and accuracy. The Shuttle XP systems can be fitted with position indicators, light signals, and confirmation bars in the access opening.

Bar code scanners

Bar code scanners

Bar code scanners can be quickly and easily integrated for order identification, retrieval, and confirmation.

Conveyor systems

Conveyor systems for quick order picking and consolidation

Linking work zones is the ideal solution for quick order picking and consolidation. Items are automatically conveyed to the access opening, removed, and then placed into shipping containers.

Manipulation and lifting equipment

Simple integration of lifting equipment, cranes, grippers, and robots facilitates

Simple integration of lifting equipment, cranes, grippers, and robots facilitates ergonomic handling of materials.

Application areas:
  • Order picking
  • Batch picking
  • Consolidation
  • Sorting
  • Replenishment