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Flexible Storage Solutions in a Compact Footprint

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Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) provide flexible, high density material handling solutions saving operations up to 85% floor space while dramatically increasing productivity through "goods to person" delivery.  


Ideal for parts operations managing various parts sizes, VLMs are the perfect systems for parts storage and order picking and can be combined with barcode scanners, conveyor systems, lifting devices and robotic technology to create a fully automated process.  

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Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP - High density storage in a compact footprint

Flexible & Efficient Material Handling

The modular design of the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module provides unlimited floor to ceiling flexibility for parts storage and retrieval.  Integrating the Shuttle XP with Power Pick Global inventory management software allows batch picking - meeting the demands of high-throughput order picking.  


Ideal for: Spare Parts - MRO Parts - Fasteners - Finished Goods - Work in Progress - Electronic Components

Heavy Goods Handling

For heavy parts storage such as tools, molds, and dies - the Shuttle XP 1000 can manage up to 1,000 kg per tray (2,204 lbs). Trays can be automatically extracted onto an extraction table for pallet handling and easy crane access - providing a truly ergonomics solution for heavy parts handling.  


Ideal for: Tools - Dies - Fixtures - Molds - Heavy Parts 

Control Unit

Machine Based Control Center

With a user interface touchscreen the onboard Logicontrol provides basic space management and reporting features.  

How VLMs Work


The principle

The modular Shuttle XP vertical lift is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays that are stored in the front and rear of the unit. There is an extractor device located in the center, which automatically delivers trays with the stored items to the access opening at the push of a button or the scan of a bar code. The device is modular in its construction with the ability to change its height and number of access openings pre and post construction. Depending on the ceiling height, at least 85% of a conventional storage system's occupied floor space can be recovered. The Shuttle XP automatically scans every tray with the use of Cubestar technology, finding the ideal storage location within the system in increments of one inch (25 mm). Items are stored in the least possible amount of space.


Flexible efficient storage strategy

The modular design of the Shuttle XP ensures almost unlimited flexibility in the utilization of various ceiling heights. The Shuttle XP’s height increases in 3.9 inch (100 mm) steps, making it an extremely versatile solution. If you relocate, the system can relocate with you and be adapted to your new require-ments by adding or removing modules. Adapting to the building situation When installed through several floors, up to 6 access openings can be integrated at any point on the front or rear of the Shuttle XP. They can even be changed at a later date. The shutter door in every access opening prevents draughts and protects the operators and stored goods.

Seven features of the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module:


Automatic shutter doors

Provides protection of operator and stored goods with decreased noise levels. Enables pre-picking by allowing an operator to work with one tray in the access opening while the extractor prepares the next tray for delivery behind the shutter doors. To reduce wait time, trays are exchanged once the operator finishes work with the current tray.

Cubestar technology

Automatically scans the height of the products stored on each tray to maximize storage density within the unit.


Internal weight management system

Monitors tray and unit load via the resistance in order to prevent overloading of the individual tray or the device.


Tooth belt drive

Provides faster travel and access times, lower noise levels and greater longevity of your vertical lift module.


Multiple capacity trays

Various capacity trays can be stored in the same unit, providing reduced acquisition cost and long term flexibility.

Ergonomic tray delivery

An ergonomic design makes it possible to adjust the tray delivery height to the requirements of the operator. Furthermore, two trays can be delivered simultaneously in one access opening. The floor-level recess allows the operator to get close to the unit and work ergonomically.


Flexible and modular design

The height of the Vertical Lift Modules can be modified quickly and easily, and additional access openings can be retrofitted to meet future needs.

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Vertical Lift Module Advantages
  • Save up to 85% Floor Space 

  • Increase Productivity by 67%

  • Faster Access Times 

  • Modularity & Expandability 

  • Better Inventory Control

  • Ergonomic Delivery

  • Picking Accuracy up to 99.9%


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