Vertical Carousels - Megamat RS Family

Material Handling for Frequently Accessed Goods

Megamat RS Vertical Carousel Product Overview Video

The Megamat RS is an automated Vertical Carousel Storage System that delivers goods to an operator at an ergonomic work counter - providing increased productivity and secured access while recovering previously occupied floor space. 


Designed for parts storage and order picking applications handling like-sized items, carriers can be subdivided for a customizable solution.  With a maximum height of 32 feet, the vertical carousel storage solutions are most commonly used in operations with ceiling heights of 15 to 22 feet. 

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High Frequency Material Handling

Designed to provide fast and frequent access to like-sized parts, the Megamat RS 350 provides storage for parts with a maximum height of 19" and carriers with a maximum weight capacity of 350 kg (770 lbs). Integrating the Megamat RS 350 with Power Pick Global software allows even higher throughput for order picking applications.  


Ideal for: Spare Parts - MRO Parts - Tools - Electronic Components

Lightweight Material Handling

Intended for handling of lightweight goods - the RS 180 can manage up to 180 kg (396 lbs) per carrier.  


Ideal for: Small Parts - Textiles - Electronic Components

Heavy Storage Capacity

The strongest of the Megamat product line, the RS 650 can manage up to 650kg (1,430 lbs) per carrier. Heavy parts can be stored safely and securely within a small footprint. 


Ideal for: Tools - Dies - Fixtures - Molds - Heavy Parts

Logicontrol Control Unit

Machine Based Control Center

With a user interface touchscreen the onboard Logicontrol provides basic space management and reporting features. 

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Vertical Carousel Advantages:
  • Save up to 85% Floor Space


  • Increase Productivity by 67%

  • Faster Access Times

  • Improved Inventory Control

  • Modularity & Expandability

  • Ergonomic Delivery


  • Pick Accuracy up to 99.9%


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