Pick To Light Technology

QuickPick® Family of Pick-to-Light Products


Whether you are picking or putting, accuracy and speed are the two factors every operation must balance.


Pick-to-Light technology assists operators with four basic functions:

  • Picking a specific or active item.
  • Putting an item in an active order or location.
  • Communicating a message such as a quantity, description, etc.
  • Completing the task and moving to the next task.


Kardex Remstar offers an entire family of pick-to-light products designed to direct a picker to an exact location quickly and accurately. Each product has been designed to reach 100% accuracy and increase productivity.

TIC (Transaction Information Center)

Transaction Information Center

This dynamic pick-to-light system provides discrete item identification in 1/10 inch increments. The system also communicates descriptions, quantity and other messages required to reach 100% accuracy. Easily customized to meet most standard and unique requirements. Perfect for applications requiring high throughput and accuracy levels.


Integrates with: Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules, Vertical Buffer Modules, flow rack and shelving.

Light Tower

Light Tower

Comprised of extruded uprights and display modules designed to indicate the active carousel, shelf level, cell location and quantity to pick. Often one Light Tower is placed in between two carousels and is software driven. This provides a very good blend of increased accuracy and throughput with a limited budget.

Integrates with: Horizontal Carousels

Light Pointer

Light Pointer

The light pointer consists of either an LED or Laser light mounted to a slider that moves horizontally on a guiding system. Located inside over the access opening of a Shuttle VLM, the LED or Laser light pointer swivels in depth direction to illuminate any position within the tray. The light spot immediately identifies the exact location of the item to be picked or replenished. Perfect for applications requiring high throughput and accuracy levels.


Integrates with: Vertical Lift Modules

Put Lights

Put Lights

Lights or indicators that direct an operator to “put” items in a specific location are put lights. Put lights often indicate the quantity and description of items to “put” in the active location. Ideal for consolidation, batch picking and sortation applications. Available in a variety of modules each designed with specific functions and functionality.


Integrates with: workstations, Vertical Carousels, Horizontal Carousels, VLMs and flow rack

Position Indicator Light Bar LED

Position Indicator Light Bar

The access opening can be equipped with a position indicator system including LED lights. This option helps the operator to store and remove stored goods. Integrated in the front area of the access opening, the position indicator provides the display of the horizontal access opening position in which the stored goods are positioned on the tray.


Integrates with: VLMs, Vertical Carousels and Horizontal Carousels