Case Studies - Kardex Remstar Horizontal

Efficiency soars in automated Warehouse at Zenith Aviation

Specialty aircraft parts distributor has increased productivity and throughput, maximized floor space and improved pick accuracy to 99.9% to drive down the cost of...[more]

Saia Burgess - Horizontal Carousels Improve Stockroom Productivity, Reduce Labor & Increase Accuaracy with 18 Month ROI

Saia Burgess manufacturers a wide range of motion control solutions at their Vandalia, Ohio manufacturing facility. [more]

Gardner Denver - Streamlining Aftermarket Fulfillment Increases Efficiencies

Gardner Denver has been building large pumps, compressors and blowers for industrial use over the last 150 years.[more]

DePuy Distribution - Carousels & VLMs Support Over 500,000 Surgeries Per Year & 2,200 Orders Per Night

The DePuy DC turns most orders around in the same day, marked from the time of order receipt to the time of that order shipping.[more]

Aspirus Wausau Hospital Fills Orders with Near Perfect Accuracy

Order Picking Costs Reduced by 88% With Perfect Accuracy[more]

American Crane & Tractor Co.

Orders Are Processed 83% Faster & Out The Door In 20 Minutes![more]

Slakey Brothers - Horizontal Carousels Boost Order Picking Efficiency & Accuracy

Slakey Brothers, established in 1939, is one of the West Coast’s largest distributors of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing supplies.[more]

Coty Inc. - Horizontal Carousel System Helps Cut Shipping Time In Half With One Worker and Minimal Floor Space

In the pick-and-pass process at Coty the carousels are third in the picking sequence. [more]

Aerial Company - Aerial Beauty Supply DC Tames The Beasts Of Demand & Performance

Aerial is a wholesale distributor of professional beauty salon products[more]

Children's Hospital Colorado - Picking 52 Million Pieces A Year Is No Small Task

At Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, CO the supply chain is directly related to patient care[more]

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