Kardex Remstar Intermat

The paternoster for extreme round loads

Kardex Remstar Intermat - The strong paternoster

The Intermat vertical carousel for round operations with special requirements

Unused space and long distances interfere with operations and can be expensive. The flexible Intermat carousel from Kardex Remstar offers the ideal solution to this problem. Making optimal use of the space – for instance by installing a bridge carousel above the production area, above internal transit routes, or in awkward corners – has a direct impact on increasing efficiency. Round and heavy goods occupy minimal storage space and can be easily transported to the access opening in their carrier units thanks to the multi-loop design.




Space-saving storage solution for tyres

The paternoster principle has proven especially useful for the storage of tyres. The Intermat carousel makes full use of the available room height and depth and is therefore good for highly dense storage.

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Safe cable reel intralogistics

Cable reels and other heavy round items must be stored safely, not take up too much space and be easily accessible. Intermat is a carousel designed for this purpose and can be installed in pits, outdoor areas or as a T-bridge paternoster.

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Technical data

System heightup to 15,000 mm
Carrier unit
Width 13,200 mm
Depth1,200 mm
Load per carrier unit
max. 4,500 kg
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