Tool, Die & Mold Manufacturing

Tool, Die and Mold Handling With A Punch

Tools, dies and molds are present in most manufacturing production lines running today. Quick changes and fast setups are critical to maximizing manufacturing uptime. Finding, staging and preparing for the next tool, die or mold change can be a challenge.


Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems provide safe, secure, efficient storage for tools, dies and molds.

Clean & Compact Storage

Kardex Remstar’s simple automated solutions help extend the life of the molds and tooling by eliminating excessive contact and handling.  Keeping molds and tools in peak condition and available with a push of a button helps keep production runs on schedule.


Heavy Lifting Made Easy

Bending and lifting heavy tools, dies and molds can be an ergonomic challenge for employees - and a nightmare for liability claims. With Kardex Remstar solutions stored tools, dies and molds are delivered at an ergonomic height. Ergonomic hoists and lifts can also be easily integrated.


Accountability & Security

Kardex Remstar systems also provide protection and accountability for those expensive molds and tooling. With Power Pick Global inventory management software, transactions can be recorded, providing a detailed record by user of each transaction. Further, security measures can be implemented to restrict access by part or by user providing a high level of security as well as accountability.