More Momentum

Whether it is warehousing, picking, packaging, shipping, or transportation: optimizing and accelerating workflow can lead to economic freedom. Kardex Remstar can help to make your work processes even more flexible, more precise and more effective. After all, ultimately it is also the time to market that decides on the success of a new development.


New Technologies, New Possibilities

When you have to transform linear supply chains into effective, flexible and demand-oriented logistics networks Kardex Remstar has the solution. Kardex Remstar systems can reduce manual work steps and for improve the transparency of the logistics process while providing traceability and reducing waste. After all: it’s easiest to predict the future when it is you who shapes it.


Making The Most Of E-Business

The distribution channels are changing in the textile industry, too – towards distributors and e-business. Go ahead and profit from our comprehensive experience in manufacturing and shipping concepts, and exploit the potential this area opens up for you.

Flexibility To Meet Peak Demands

Our solutions can be incorporated into any logistics system; as an efficient warehouse, in manufacturing, or as a buffer for the shipping department. Moreover, Power Pick Global software solutions guarantee fast and accurate picking even at peak times. By systematically combining the relevant internal processes, we create the preconditions for more efficiency, transparency and flexibility for your long term success.