The Formula For Safety

Process safety has top priority in the chemical sector. Our specialists are familiar with the requirements when storing, handling and transporting hazardous goods. Integrating Power Pick Global inventory management software with our material handling solutions create an efficient solution that provides validation, tracing, and retracing batches. Kardex Remstar systems can also be configured for storage controlled atmospheric and clean-room conditions.

Dynamic Solutions Secure Your Success

Anyone who wants to prevail against the competition has to combine market trends with scientific knowledge. Rapidly sinking development times, rising cost pressure, and increasing globalization make launching new innovations before the competition a necessity. Additionally, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain unique selling propositions, even for special chemicals, in the face of the increasing maturity of many markets.


Dynamic solutions are required in development, production, picking, and distribution to stay ahead of the competition. Whether inventory control of packaging, containers, and materials, production provision, or formula administration – the focus is always on the optimization and acceleration of the workflow.


New Methods, New Possibilities

Distribution channels are changing in all industries- including the chemical industry. Kardex Remstar has a wide range of experience with manufacturing and distribution and e-commerce shipping concepts.

Flexible Integration

Kardex Remstar solutions can be incorporated into any logistics system. Using Power Pick Global software our solutions can be incorporated into any existing ERP or WMS system, providing a complete and transparent record of all inventory.

Case Studies

Coty Inc. - Horizontal Carousel System Helps Cut Shipping Time In Half With One Worker and Minimal Floor Space

In the pick-and-pass process at Coty the carousels are third in the picking sequence.