Retail Distribution

Receive, Pick & Ship With One Logistics System

Those who can process orders quickly and reliably have an edge on the market.

Precise shipments with traceability and efficient returns management plus extreme flexibility when peak times hit- you can expect all of this and much more with Kardex Remstar solutions. Globalization, technical progress and changed purchasing behavior have presented the retail sector with new challenges. Flows of goods and distribution channels are moving, and profit margins are getting ever smaller.

Perfecting The Logistics Chain

Retail distribution requires a transparent and effective logistics chain. From ordering to returns management, Kardex Remstar can help manage your flow of goods in the best way possible. Because for retail companies, securing the future means above all one thing: rigorous cost management.


Opportunities In E-Commerce

Tight delivery deadlines and first-rate service: e-commerce is setting new standards. Simple, clear order processes and returns procedures are absolutely essential for your company’s success. In this area, too, those who have the support of a logistics system that always functions perfectly score points.



Using Power Pick Global inventory management software our solutions can be incorporated into any existing ERP or WMS system, providing a complete and transparent record of all inventory. Kardex Remstar systems guarantee fast and accurate picking even at peak times. By systematically combining the relevant internal processes, Kardex Remstar solutions can create more efficiency, transparency, and flexibility to secure your your long term success.

Case Studies

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Gucci Group is one of the world's leading multi-brand luxury goods companies. Through its brands, in...