Oil & Gas

Keeping Manufacturing & Drilling Operations Flowing

Driven by an increasing demand to lower prices, Oil and Gas companies are working harder than ever. Remote locations combined with tight drilling schedules makes access to parts a critical factor in success.

Manufacturing large equipment from engines and turbines to flight simulators, printing presses, CNC machines and sewage vacuums - one thing is for sure - every minute counts. Machine manufacturers are striving for better performance, even better service, and supreme quality - with lower costs. A challenge that can only be met by greater efficiency.

Logistics Is The Key

A glance at your internal logistics processes can get you a “quick win” – specifically your materials flow strategies and material handling processes.

Storing, buffering or supplying materials, parts, and tools: our systems provide maximum inventory availability with the lowest possible storage and transport costs, getting parts where you need them at the exact right moment.

The advantages for your operations: not only do our solutions save space within your facility, they also increase process security and transparency, giving you the freedom to focus on what makes you successful: the development of sophisticated technical concepts for your customers. 


Our Solutions

Whether you need to save space, create buffers, control the manufacturing process intelligently, store tools within arm's reach, or pick finished items more efficiently: we can offer you the right solution.


Small Parts Storage - consumables, maintenance parts and small parts inventory - they take up space that could be used for value added manufacturing processes - look to utilize ceiling height when storing small parts.
Tool & Die Handling
- tools and dies are expensive and HEAVY, they should be securely stored and ergonomically accessible
Order Picking - it's critical to get the right parts at the right time to the manufacturing cell, otherwise production stops. Prevent this bottleneck with an updated order picking process.
Automated Material Handling - our products can be combined with a variety of picking technologies (conveyor, voice, inserters/extractors, robotics) to create a completely automated solution,
Controlled Environments - all of our products can be fitted for dry, clean and clima environments.





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