Mechanical Engineering

Building Strength... and Staying Strong

With international competition in technology getting tougher, competitive pressure on the international market is mounting. As a consequence, especially medium-sized companies are often forced to move jobs to “cheaper” countries. The only companies that can counteract this trend are those who are able not only to lower costs but at the same time also to improve their service and the quality of their products.

Logistics Is The Key

Better performance, even better service, and supreme quality – at lower costs? A challenge that can only be met by greater efficiency. A glance at your internal logistics processes is worthwhile- materials handling and material flow can be areas for improvement. We will examine operating processes, manufacturing and storage strategies to help you optimize your entire workflow; from your suppliers to the individual workstations in your plant.


Freedom for Success

Storing, buffering, supplying material, parts, and tools: through the perfect interplay of all in-house and inbound logistics processes, you can tap significant economization potential with Kardex Remstar ASRS. Maximum availability with the lowest possible storage and transport costs is our most important guiding principle: we will develop complete system solutions for you that can also be incorporated into complex processes. The advantages for you: not only do you save space in the warehouse and in production, you also increase process security and transparency. In this way we create the freedom you need to focus on what makes you successful: the development of sophisticated technical concepts for your customers.