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Supply Chain Management

The ability to find the exact maintenance or repair part at the exact moment it is needed is a critical factor in keeping military facilities ready for combat at any time.  Kardex Remstar provides compact, efficient and highly organized inventory management systems to manage MRO and benchstock inventory.


What's more, parts are kept secure and in clean working order, so you always know what parts you have on hand and exactly where they are - keeping the base operating at peak efficiency.

Supply Chain Management Resources:

Case Study - Jazz Air
Case Study - Cameron AFB
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Combat Logistics Support

Combat logistics facilities don't have the luxury of time - they have to be able to react quickly at a moment's notice to support deployment efforts. 


Kardex Remstar military storage solutions create a highly organized, efficient and flexible inventory management system to manage critical inventory and parts.  Inventory is kept clean and secure in an enclosed system and readily accessible when it's needed - keeping the base mission ready. 

Combat Logistics Resources:

Case Study - Lackland AFB Gun Shop
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Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, military facilities have to be able to respond quickly with emergency supplies and information. Kardex Remstar solutions store supplies and documents in a safe, secure and compact environment until they are needed. What's more, inventory can be quickly accessed at a moment's notice - keeping military facilities disaster ready. 

Disaster Relief Resources:

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Administration/Document Management

The oxymoron of keeping documents secure and accessible can be an overwhelming challenge for government facilities, not to mention the vast floor space they consume.


Kardex Remstar solutions provide secure document storage in a compact footprint. What’s more, the fully enclosed system is easily accessible to authorized personnel using a physical locking door or software enabled identification logins – providing the balance of document safety and security facilities need.

Document Management Resources:

Case Study - Randolph AFB Medical Group
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Reference List
  • Anniston Army Depot
  • Barstow Maintenance Center
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Dept of Energy, DC and Oakridge
  • DLA Aviation & DLA Distribution
  • FBI Academy & TEDAC, Quantico
  • Fort Meade, MD
  • Housing & Urban Development
  • Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Hosp
  • Norfolk Naval Depot
  • Portsmouth Naval Medical Center
  • SAIC-Frederick - NCI
  • Tinker AFB
  • US Coast Guard


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