Logistics Can Be A Piece Of Cake

Essences or spices, batch tests, fungal cultures or packaging materials: Kardex Remstar dynamic storage systems are ready for anything. It doesn't matter if controlled temperatures, clean-room conditions, or dry conditions are required- we have already developed the right solution for you. The beauty of it is all these requirements can be met directly in the production environment, speeding up the production process.

Traceability From Production To Consumption

Complete traceability from initial production up to consumption is no easy task. Kardex Remstar systems provide the traceability of goods beyond locating, blocking, or recalling products. Using tracking and tracing to get real time information can reduce stock levels and to generate on demand reports with very little effort. 


Demand Oriented Logistics

Ultimately it’s all about one thing: making the right product available at the right time in the right place- and in just the right quantity. Kardex Remstar has experience in turning a linear supply chain into an efficient, flexible, and demand oriented logistics network with the help of new technology. Also raise the accuracy of your forecasts and optimize availability at the point of sale. It is easier to forecast the future when it is you who shapes it.


Using software systematically and intelligently

Systematically combining the relevant internal processes creates more efficiency, transparency, and flexibility that lead to long term success. Using Power Pick Global inventory management software our solutions can be incorporated into any existing ERP or WMS system, providing a complete and transparent record of all inventory. Kardex Remstar systems guarantee fast and accurate picking even at peak times.