Highly Sensitive With Maxmium Flexibility

Small but impressive: highly sensitive electrical modules have very specific requirements – which our solutions are designed to meet.

Kardex Remstar solutions can manage modules, components, and semi finished products for temporary, short-term, or long-term storage. Automatic small parts warehouse within the supply chain or a complete distribution warehouse: our solutions meet your storage needs. Always taking chemical, physics, and biological concerns into account, Kardex Remstar has the solution your situation demands.


Mastering Processes

Flexibility is in demand these days, especially in the electrical and electronics industry: the variety and complexity of products is continually increasing. In contrast, sizes are getting ever smaller and more difficult to handle. Success or failure is largely determined by the speed to market. Understandably, many companies are wondering how they can further optimize their internal processes. That is why we get right to the heart of your production: material flow control; because your future success will be crucially determined by the effectiveness of your logistics systems. Our specialists can help you to make the material flow, and thus the whole workflow, even more flexible, more precise, and more effective; for today’s needs and, especially, for tomorrow’s.


Everything Under Control
With Kardex Remstar even the smallest speck of dust hasn’t got a chance: we ensure optimum conditions – climatic conditions, cleanliness, temperature controlled and ESD protection. Electronic production facilities need logistics systems with high availability to supply materials and store semi finished and finished products.

Dry atmospheres, controlled temperatures, cleanroom conditions, or a combination of these storage factors can be realized, even in the immediate production environment. Kardex Remstar systems can noticeably speed up access to parts and maintain processing time at the machines


Documentation & Traceability

Systematically combining the relevant internal processes creates more efficiency, transparency, and flexibility that lead to long term success. Thanks to transaction recording, documentation and regulation of all relevant processes Kardex Remstar systems guarantee traceability at all times.