Consumer Goods

Push Not Pull: Adding Speed To Logistics

The retail sector is marked by fierce competition- those who want to prevail must utilize their logistics.

The power of a brand in the consumer goods industry is valuable, but it still cannot prevent prices from dropping. Everyone is competing on price; the battles are fought over profit margins. The end user wants better products, ever more product choice, and even more service- all this for a lower price, please. 


Streamline Operations To Maximize Efficiencies

Kardex Remstar can help you organize and streamline your manufacturing, distribution and logistics operations intelligently to maximize efficiencies. Reviewing in-house and inbound activities – from suppliers all the way to individual workstations allows our specialist to identify and recommend areas for improvements. Increasing the efficiency of work processes will strengthen your market position, and allow you to react quickly to the demands of the market.


Creating A Demand Oriented Logistics Network

Ultimately it’s all about one thing: making the right product available at the right time in the right place- and in just the right quantity. Kardex Remstar has experience in turning a linear supply chain into an efficient, flexible, and demand oriented logistics network with the help of new technology. Or raise the accuracy of your forecasts and optimize availability at the point of sale. It is easier to forecast the future when it is you who shapes it.


Flexible Integration

Kardex Remstar solutions can be incorporated into any logistics system. Using Power Pick Global software our solutions can be incorporated into any existing ERP or WMS system, providing a complete and transparent record of all inventory.