National Oilwell Varco (Houston, TX)

Implementing three Shuttle VLMs with pick-to-light technology to fulfill parts orders for manufacturing has recovered 70% of previously occupied floor space and helped meet lean objectives. National Oilwell Varco now picks orders 44% faster and uses less labor to do it.

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Gurecky Manufacturing (Rosenberg, TX)

Two Shuttle XP VLM's are used in the parts warehouse of this machine shop that supports two of the worlds largest oil and gas service providers. They gained efficiencies and used the recovered floor space for additional manufacturing equipment. Fastpic5 OP Software is integrated with the host system to pick, cycle, and count orders.

Hydraquip (Houston, TX)

Implimenting two Shuttle XP VLM's allowed Hydraquip to expand without constructing a new building. FastPic5 OP Software effectively manages the cube within the units. AHT managed the installation and the parts load, providing Hydraquip an easy and smooth transition.

Oil & Gas Refinery (Port Arthur, TX)

With the stockroom at capacity and no room to expand this oil & gas refinery installed 5 Shuttle XP VLM's. To maximize the stockroom, the 40 foot VLM's were housed in a metal buiding outside of the warehouse with the access opening in the current warehouse. FastPic5 IO manges the cube within the unit.

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