Perfectly Accurate & Pretty Bright

Optical methods drive innovations more than almost any other area. Optics make a crucial contribution toward the improvement of quality, efficiency, reliability and speed in many industries opening up additional prospects for the future. Kardex Remstar can help to make your work processes even more flexible, more precise, and more effective - allowing you to reach the market first. Ultimately it is also the time-to-market situation that decides on the success of a new development.

Fast Access To Sensitive Components

Storing highly sensitive parts has been an everyday reality for Kardex Remstar for decades. Dry atmospheres, controlled temperatures, clean-room cabins, or a combination of these storage factors: all of this can be realized, even in the immediate production environment. Noticeably speed up access to parts and always to maintain processing time at the machines with the help of Kardex Remstar solutions. Consequently, you can turn your complete focus on what makes you successful: offering your customers maximum availability and optimum service. With solutions that are custom made, absolutely accurate, and yet highly flexible.


Certainty At All Times

Who, what, when, how? The answer to these questions can be enormously important to you in certain situations. Thanks to exact recording, documentation, and regulation of all relevant processes and systems, Kardex Remstar provides traceability at all times.


Intelligent Integration

By systematically combining the relevant internal processes, Power Pick Global inventory management software creates the conditions for more efficiency, transparency and flexibility. Power Pick Global can be easily integrated with any existing ERP or WMS system.