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Government Military Bases

Government bases are different depending on the military branch, the location of the base and the objective of the men and women stationed there.  Depending on the goods stored, the requirements are different. No matter the requirements, Kardex Remstar has the solution.

Security & Control

A high level of security and control is common on military bases - and the same goes for the materials stored and managed on base. Weapons must be securely stored for safety, high value assets must be secured and stored to prevent theft and personnel and medical records must be securely stored to maintain confidentiality. Whatever the reason, Kardex Remstar solutions can provide secure and controlled storage.


Almost all Kardex Remstar solutions can provide secure storage by physically blocking operator access to the stored items. With the addition of Power Pick Global inventory management software product security can be more specific; limiting operator access to specific products or storage locations using an access code.  All transactions can be recorded; detailing the storage and retrieval actions of each individual in real time.


Space & Productivity

In these economic times everyone is looking for ways to really do more with less. For the military this means making the best use of the current facilities. Optimizing processes and logistics strategies now can provide for a brighter more productive future.


Replacing standard shelving and drawer systems with automated storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar can save up to 85% floor space. The key to success is expanding value added activities into the recovered floor space.


All Kardex Remstar solutions deliver stored goods directly to the operator, eliminating time spent walking and searching for stored goods. This leaves more time for productive picking. Saving space and increasing productivity really is doing more with less!


Systems Integration

Our solutions can be incorporated into any logistics system. Using Power Pick Global inventory management software our solutions can be incorporated into any existing ERP or WMS system, providing a complete and transparent record of all inventory. Kardex Remstar systems guarantee fast and accurate picking even at peak times.

Kardex Remstar Solutions Are Used All Over Military Bases

  • Facility & Maintenance Depots

  • Hospitals & Medical Centers

  • Material & Repair Operations

  • Military Entrance Processing Stations

  • Point Of Use Assembly

  • Research & Development

  • Stockroom

  • Training Departments

  • Warehouse


Kardex Remstar Solutions Store & Manage

  • Benchstock

  • Case Handling

  • Files & Media

  • Flight Log Records

  • High Value Assets

  • Inventory

  • Materials

  • Medical Records

  • Medical Supplies

  • Military Personnel Records

  • Mobility Bags

  • Technical Binders

  • Tool, Die & Fixtures

  • Uniforms & Gear

  • Weapons

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