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Government Administration

A vast number of documents are created every day by the administrative agencies of the federal, state and local government.

Every day from Capitol Hill to state government to local townships documents are created- presidential documents, court rulings, zoning regulations, public works, city bonds, taxation documents, permits, ordinances. Managing a growing number of files and records is an overwhelming task- the ability to securely store and quickly retrieve a file or record is made easy with Kardex Remstar solutions.


Kardex Remstar has the best of both worlds- providing document security while authorized workers have the files they need at their fingertips.


Secure File Storage

Minimum security to maximum security options are available to provide administrations the exact security they require. Using the Lektriever vertical carousel for file storage, breaches in security are minimized and the possibility of lost files is considerably reduced.


The entire contents of a Lektriever vertical carousel can be secured by locking the bi-parting doors that come standard with the system. This allows all files to be secured and only accessed with a key. Individual carriers can also be equipped with locking doors to secure specific documents stored on the carrier, while still allowing access to other files stored in the unit.


Integrating file tracking software allows only authorized staff to retrieve files. All transactions are recorded using track and trace software providing supervisors real time reporting.


An automatic security door combines hardware and software for a maximum security solution. Integrating the automatic security door, department managers can restrict access rights by storage shelf (carrier). The door to the unit always remains closed. When an employee needs a file or stored item, they must enter an access code or swipe a badge. The automatic security door remains closed as the unit then rotates to the correct location. The door opens allowing the employee to retrieve the file requested. The door automatically closes after the transaction and waits for the next pick.


Quick Access

It’s not only important that documents are securely stored, but that they are quickly accessible to the authorized people that need them. Kardex Remstar systems allows authorized personnel quick access to files by either using a key to physically unlock the unit or entering an authorization code. When access is authorized the Lektriever vertical carousel rotates to the exact file location; preventing the worker from walking and searching through rows of cabinets to find a specific file.

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Government Administration

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