Megamat Vertical Carousel

Save Space & Boost Productivity

The Megamat vertical carousel is an automated, computer-controlled vertical carousel that can operate as a central inventory storage carousel and also as an integrated materials handling solution. With its compact and sturdy equipment features, the Megamat vertical carousel requires little floor space and utilizes the entire available ceiling height. The Megamat vertical carousel can be installed through several floors with an access opening on each floor, easily connecting multiple work zones.



Benefits At A Glance



Space Saving:

The system requires little floor space, making maximum use of the available ceiling height.

Time Saving: The Megamat vertical carousel substantially reduces pick, access and retrieval times.

Safety: Redundant safety systems provide safety for both workers and stored goods.  
Accuracy: Stock accuracy levels are over 99% on a regular basis.

Security: Additional security options are available, such as PIN protection against unauthorized access.

Improved Ergonomics: All goods are delivered to an ergonomic access opening eliminating bending and reaching for goods.