Warehouse & Distribution

Picking, Packing & Shipping Made Easy

Picking, packing & shipping made easy

Distribution and warehousing is the efficient movement of finished products from the end of the production line to the end user. These activities include freight transportation, warehousing, material handling, protective packaging, inventory control, order processing and customer service.  Kardex Remstar solutions speed picking times and increase accuracy in one integrated system.


More With Less

All Kardex Remstar systems bring stored goods to the operator increasing pick time. By eliminating time spent walking and searching for the required item an operator spends more time picking - increasing the overall throughput. Further, in most applications fewer workers are required to do the picking - allowing you to truly do more with less.


Increased Pick Accuracy

With integrated pick to light technology, operators are directed to the exact pick location. The pick to light identifies the location and indicates the quantity, item number and description; increasing accuracy rates to 99.9% and reducing picking errors.


Value Added Services

Our solutions can be implemented in warehouse and distribution logistics, including temporary storage, and returns processing. Not only that: our systems allow you to offer your customers value added services - for example, quality control and function checks, repairs management, specialized packaging, customs clearance, accreditation monitoring - just to name a few.


Flexible Storage Management Solutions

For logistics centers; the products you handle today may not be the products you handle tomorrow. Kardex Remstar solutions are scalable and flexible to change with your business. Easily reconfigure trays and carriers to maximize product density. Systems can also be relocated within your facility by our certified service team. 

Complete System Integration

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Warehouse & Distribution

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