Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is part of an organizations corporate responsibility. How do organizations continue to manage their facilities while reducing their impact on the environment?


The business case for building green and utilizing sustainable design and construction is supported by the three cornerstones, also known as the triple bottom line, planet, people and  profits. The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) captures the activities of an organization and measures the impact on the world.


Storage and retrieval solutions from Kardex Remstar can help a business’s sustainability by improving its impact on people, planet and profits.

Social Responsibility to People

Ergonomic Access

Corporations have a social responsbility to the people to improve the quality of life and provide optimal work conditions for individuals, communities and society as a whole.


With an OSHA friendly design, all Kardex Remstar equipment provides ergonomic access for all, regardless of their age or ability. Bringing stored goods to the worker eliminates the bending and reaching that put employees at risk of injury. All Kardex Remstar systems eliminate worker fatigue and increase productivity from your entire workforce.


Specifically, the Lektriever was designed with ADA intent and complies fully with the “Barrier Removal Act”.

Environmental Concern for Planet

Increased Productivity

Environmental concern for the planet includes protecting the air, water and land while conserving resources, including fossil fuels. High performance equipment from Kardex Remstar is designed to reduce floor space and energy requirements.


All Kardex Remstar solutions can reduce the amount of physical space required for operations when compared to standard shelving or drawer systems, allowing buildings to be constructed smaller and far more efficient. These high performance buildings require less energy and water consumption as well as reduce building maintenance costs reducing the carbon footprint of the building.


Further, the new Megamat RS vertical carousel is desgined to use up to 40% less energy than other vertical carousels available today.

Sustainability Leads to Profits

Increase Productivity up to 66 percent

Sustainabily inititives lead to reduced costs, added value and creating economic opportunity for individuals, organizations, communities and nations. Profit is a tangible result of organizations combining automated storage and retrieval technology and sustainability efforts.


Kardex Remstar systems can increase operator productivity up to 66%. By delivering items to the worker and eliminating wasted walk and search time the worker can perform additional tasks, such as quality checking, sub assembly or additional order picking. With inventory management software and pick to light technology organizations can use batch picking to further increase picking accuracy and speeds.


The increased productivity levels translate quickly into reduced labor requirements.  

Sustainable Solutions from Kardex Remstar

Combining lower labor costs, decreased floor space requirements and reduced facility maintenance and energy costs; Kardex Remstar customers find their systems provide a ROI (Return On Investment) in less than 18 months.