Shuttle VLM Helps Maine Oxy Make Room For Specialty Gas Laboratory

Maine Oxy recently installed one Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module from Kardex Remstar, making room for expansion with supporting 40% order growth and providing improved ergonomics.[more]


Kardex Remstar Picks the Perfect Order

For many organizations, there is no room for error when it comes to picking the right part. Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems can now get the right part, for the right order, out the door on time.[more]


VLMs Help Warehouse Keep Up with Precision Machining Job Shop

The VLMs have provided a 92% floor space savings, 30% additional inventory capacity, a 42% increase in productivity and cut mispicks in half.[more]


Software Plays A Key Role in Order Picking

As the trend toward individualization continues, product differentiation and diversity is becoming more important. This development presents the material handling and distribution industry – and the area of order...[more]


Fast Parts Delivery for Sanitary and Heating Supplies

Fast and flexible order picking is crucial for the success of Schrauwen, a Belgian wholesaler for sanitary and heating supplies. The company offers 24-hour service and overnight delivery of equipment and spare parts....[more]


A New Approach To Minimizing Downtime In Highly Automated Operations

Automated storage and retrieval systems now support MRO activities in a small, compact footprint. Keeping these supplies on hand can reduce downtime in highly automated facilities.[more]