Tuesday 08. April 2014

Put Horizontal Carousels In Motion With Power Pick Global

Horizontal carousel systems integrated with Power Pick Global warehouse management software can increase productivity by 2/3, increase throughput by 500% and increase accuracy up to 99.9% all within a smaller footprint.


Tuesday 25. March 2014

Meeting the Demand for Faster Order Fulfillment

To meet this customer demand, a growing number of distributors and centralize inventory management warehouses are seeking improved warehouse management. The goal is to use a combination of automation technologies and improved workflow processes to...[more]

Tuesday 11. March 2014

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP 1000 Offers Crane & Pallet Handling

The Shuttle XP 1000 VLM integrated with crane and pallet handling leads to improved efficiency and ergonomics as well as space savings during production and maintenance.[more]

Wednesday 26. February 2014

Keeping The Stockroom On Track In Less Floor Space

Plasser Reduces Stockroom Footprint By 70% To Expand Production And Gains A 20% Reduction In Labor, Increased Pick Accuracy And Improved Ergonomics[more]

Friday 21. February 2014

New Shuttle VLM Helps Oil & Gas Companies Increase Profits

Kardex Remstar will be exhibiting at OTC 2014 in Houston, TX May 5-8. Stop by booth 9357 to see the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module on display.[more]

Friday 31. January 2014

Power Pick Global 4.0 Now Available in North America

With maximum flexibility, it's only a few clicks for custom reports, to create an on screen list, add an additional material information field, or to save new data on the fly. Power Pick Global warehouse management software increases accuracy,...[more]

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